Monday, July 11, 2011

Bible Truth #42 - Colossians 2:13

Colossians 2:13
When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your sinful nature, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins,

When did God make us alive? When we were dead! We weren't mortally wounded. We weren’t “drowning” in our sin, we were DEAD in our sin. It's not as if we were drowning and and able to grasp the life preserver of the Gospel “made available” to us, we were dead, unable to do ANYTHING righteous in God’s sight - which is also exactly what Paul said in Romans 3:10.

Here is another clear case of Scripture supporting the fact that a lost man didn’t choose God, God chose him (John 15:16). Here is a lost man - who is dead in his sins, who hates God, who will not come into the Light (John 3:20), who is at enmity with God (Romans 8:7), who cannot please God (Romans 8:8), who is unable to hear Truth (John 8:43), who is not able to understand things from the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:14), and whose every imagination of heart is only evil, continually (Genesis 6:5). The Bible says a lost man is Totally Depraved, wouldn’t you?

Being dead in our sins is synonymous with Total Depravity, the complete inability to do anything righteous in God’s sight. This INCLUDES believing on Jesus and repenting. I mean, the lost person is DEAD - and what did God do? Without ANY assistance from the lost man (i.e. man accepting Jesus - which he couldn’t do because he hated God), God made him alive with Christ. Hallelujah!!!

Only THEN he loved God, only THEN he came into the Light, only THEN he pleased God, only THEN he believed and repented, only THEN he understood things from the Holy Spirit, and only THEN was every imagination of his heart NOT evil continually... Why? Because God changed his nature by saving him. Before God works in a man’s heart and makes him believe (John 6:29), man is spiritually dead and he hates God. That’s why Paul wrote, “When we were dead in our sins, God made us alive with Christ.” God did it for no reason other than His good pleasure (Ephesians 1:5), it wasn't because of ANYTHING we did (2 Timothy 1:9, Titus 3:5).

How else can you explain the number of people who are aware of the Truths found in the Bible but go right on getting drunk, doing drugs, committing adultery, or even the “lesser sin” of not attending worship services at Church? They are doing what comes natural because they are spiritually dead. A spiritually dead man will NEVER do anything righteous, including believe on Jesus...

And last but not least, He forgave us all our sins. Did He forgive the whole world? Did He forgive everyone who ever lived? NO! He forgave US, not them.

Bottom Line - We were DEAD in our sins, not able to do anything spiritual, and God made us alive with Christ, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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